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Participation agreement photo contest

This agreement (Agreement) governs the procedure and conditions for the provision of services Soc. network www.photolike.biz , hereinafter referred to as Organizer, and addressed to a natural person who wishes to obtain services of this website (the Participant).

This agreement is by acceding to new participants in the system Contest after registration of participants in the Contest System.

The terms of this agreement are made participants in full and without any reservations, by acceding to the agreement in the form in which it is stated on the website www.photolik.biz.

Terms and Definitions

Participant - a person who agreed to the terms of this agreement, to join him in support of what has passed registration in the social. Network www.photolike.biz

Contest - an activity aimed at meeting human needs for entertainment, pleasure, stress relief, as well as on the development of specific skills and abilities in the form of free expression of human, non-achievement of the objectives of the utilitarian and bring joy to themselves.

Photo contest platform - hardware-software complex physical devices and software located in the Internet, intended for the organization of leisure and recreation.

Contest - Online social network, created to bring together millions of people around the world to provide ongoing financial support to each other - a separate and unique name for the playing area, and owned by the organizer at the address on the Internet www.fotolik.biz network on which. Organizer provides services for the organization of his party entertainment, leisure and recreation on the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Points - a common unit Contest System.

Provision of services.
1.1. The subject of this Agreement is to provide the organizer party services for leisure and recreation in the photo contest www.fotolik.biz. in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Under such services, in particular, refers to the following: keeping records of important information: the movement of the account, providing measures for the identification and safety of participants, development of software that integrates into the photo contest, information and other services necessary for the organization of the photo contest and the service member in its process on the organizer's site.

1.2. Photo competition as a whole, as well as any of its elements, created solely for entertainment. Member acknowledges that all activities in the photo contest and the site is fun for him. Member agrees that, depending on the characteristics of its account, the degree of his participation in the photo contest will be available to varying degrees.

1.3. Member agrees that he is personally responsible for all activities that occur in the photo contest and accrual of points, as well as for all activities at its site in social networks: operation with all the listings, and other attributes of the objects used in the photo contest.

1.4. Participants recognized that the degree and the opportunity to participate in the fun at the Contest server are the main qualities of services rendered to him.

1.5. For participation in the photo contest participant agrees to pay $ 5., Or at the rate in rubles or euros.

2. Rights and obligations of the organizer

2.1. The organizer is obliged:

provide free of charge access to the participant's playground. Member of yourself at your own expense pays for Internet access and bears the other costs associated with the action;
keep a record of points in the account of the photo contest participant;

regularly improve the hardware and software complex, but does not guarantee that the software is error-free Photo Contest, and the hardware is out of the operating parameters and will operate smoothly;

bear financial obligations to ensure equivalent market value of the participant's Points account. Course cost is equal game points: Point 1 equals 1.00 USD. Or In accordance with the ruble or the euro.

2.2. The organizer has the right to:

provide the party value-added services, the list of which as well as the procedure and conditions which are determined by this Agreement, the Photo Contest rules and other advertisement of the organizer. In this case the organizer is entitled at any time to change the number and volume of paid services offered, their price, name, type and effect of the use;
suspend the operation of this Agreement and to disconnect a participant from participating in the game at the time of the investigation on suspicion of violating the party to this Agreement and the rules of the playground;
exclude the participant from the game, if it determines that a member has violated this Agreement or the rules laid down in the playground;
partially or completely interrupt the services without notice party during the reconstruction, repair and maintenance work at the site;

2.3. The organizer is not responsible for malfunction photo contest software. User uses the software on a AS IS. If the organizer finds that during the photo contest There is an error (mistake) in the area, the results of which were held during the incorrect operation of the software, they can be canceled or modified at the discretion of the organizer. Member agrees not to appeal to the organizer about the quality, quantity, order and terms provided him opportunities and services.

3. Rights and duties of the participant

3.1. To participate in the Contest www.fotolik.biz. Only persons who have reached the legal capacity under the laws of the country of his residence. All the consequences of non-fulfillment of the conditions imposed on the party.

3.2. The extent and method of participation in the Contest are determined by the participant, but may not be in conflict with this Agreement and the rules.

3.3. Member must:

To be a minor depending on the country of residence;
truthfully disclose information about yourself in the registration and upon request of the Organizer to provide reliable data on their identity, to identify it as the account holder in the photo contest;
not to use the photo contest for committing any acts contrary to international law and the laws of the country - the residence of the Participant;
not use undocumented features (bugs) and software errors photo contest and immediately report to the Organizer of them, as well as on the persons using these errors;
do not use external programs of any kind, to gain an advantage in the photo contest;
not use to advertise their referral link, as well as a resource, it contains, direct mail and other kinds of messages to persons not expressly consent to receive them (spam);
has no right to restrict access to other participants or other persons to the photo contest is obliged to treat with respect to the participants of the photo contest, as well as to the Organizer, its partners and employees, not to interfere in the work of the latter;
not to deceive the organizers and participants of the photo contest;
not to use profanity and insults in any form;
not denigrate the actions of other players and the Administration;
do not threaten violence and physical harm anyone else;
distribute materials promoting hatred or aversion to any race, religion, culture, nation, people, language, politics, government, ideology or social movement;
not promote pornography, drugs and resources containing such information;
not to use the action, terminology or jargon for zavualirovaniya breach of duty member;
to take care of the necessary measures and other computer security to keep secret and not to transfer to another person or to another member of their identity:. login, password, account, etc., to prevent unauthorized access to the mailbox specified in the participant's account profile. The entire risk of the adverse effects of the disclosure of this data bears participant as the participant agrees that the information security system playground excludes transfer logins, passwords and account identification information to third party entities;
to bear personal responsibility for the conduct of their financial transactions and operations, the Organizer is not responsible for performing financial activities on points, as well as other attributes.
the claims and complaints of the first to notify the organizer in writing through the page 'complaints and offered
regularly familiarize yourself with the news of the game, as well as to changes in this Agreement and the rules of the game on the playground.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. The organizer does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the photo contest and its services in case of technical problems and - or unforeseen circumstances, including: defective work or operation of Internet service providers, information servers, banking and payment systems, as well as illegal actions of third parties . The organizer will make every effort to prevent crashes, but not responsible for any technical failures and interruptions in the game, regardless of the reasons for such failures.

4.2. Member fully agree that the organizer can not be held responsible for the party's losses incurred in connection with the illegal actions of third parties aimed at the violation of the electronic equipment security systems and databases of the game, either because independent from the organizer interruption, suspension or termination of the channels and networks communication used to interact with the party and the wrongful payment systems, as well as third parties.

4.3. Organizer is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using or not using a party of information about the Contest, the rules of the photo contest and of the Photo Contest and shall not be liable for any loss or other damage incurred by the Member in connection with his unqualified actions and ignorance of the rules of the photo contest or error in the calculations.

4.4. Member agrees that use of the site of the photo contest of their own free will and at their own risk. The organizer does not give the participant is no guarantee that it will benefit or benefit from participation in the photo contest. The degree of participation in the Contest is determined by the participant.

4.5. The organizer shall not be liable for the actions of a party to the other participants.

4.6. In case of disputes and disagreements in the photo competition site of the organizer's decision is final and the participant fully agree with him.

4.7. Organizer does not bear the tax burden for the user. Participant undertakes to include the possibility of obtaining income tax return in accordance with the legislation of the country of his residence.

4.8. Organizer may amend this Agreement, the rules of the photo contest site and other documents unilaterally. In the event of changes to documents Organizer puts the latest versions of the documents on the site of the photo contest. All changes will take effect from the date of posting. The participant has the right to terminate this Agreement within 3 days if he does not agree with the changes. In this case the cancellation is made in accordance with para. 4.9 of this Agreement. On the parties have a duty to visit the official website of the Photo Contest to get acquainted with official documents and news.

4.9. The participant has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally without saving account. In this case all the costs associated with participation in the photo contest, the participant will not be compensated and will not be returned. Points and payment for participation in the photo competition will be void.

4.10. The organizer has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally, and take other actions that limit the possibilities in the Contest, in respect of the participant or group of participants who are accomplices of violations of this Agreement. At the same time, and all the attributes that are listed, as well as all costs are non-refundable and will not be compensated.

4.11. Member is responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

4.12. Organizers and participants are exempt from liability in case of force majeure (force majeure), which include, but the list is not limited to: natural disasters, war, fire (fire), floods, explosions, terrorism, riots, civil commotion, acts of governmental or regulatory authority, hacker attacks, absence, not functioning or operation of power supply failures, Internet service providers, networks or other systems, networks and services.

4.13. The organizer is not responsible in any way for the success or failure of part of the action involving the use of information provided on the site. www.photolike.biz., 

4.14. Photolike bears no responsibility for copyright violation when photos and media are placed by participants in photocontest section. 

5. Confidentiality

5.1. Conditions Privacy applies to the information about the organizer may receive the participants during their stay in the Contest website and which may be correlated with the specific user. Organizer automatically receives and records information on our server logs technical information from your browser: IP address of the requested page, etc. The organizer can record cookies on the user's computer and use them later. Organizer guarantees that the data reported by the participant upon registration in the Contest will be used only within the Organizer Photo Contest.

5.2. Member agrees that they said personal information (login name, country, city, skype) will be available for viewing by other participants of the system, as well as the fact that the system has the right to publicly display any act transmitting - receiving points. Committed participant.

5.3. The organizer has the right to carry out to inform the participants on these contacts (e-mail delivery).

6. other provisions

6.1. The invalidity of part or paragraph (paragraph) of this Agreement does not imply the invalidity of all other parts and items (sub).

6.2. The term of this Agreement is set for the whole period of action of the playground, that is for an indefinite period, and does not imply the end of the period of the agreement.

6.3. By registering and being at the playground, the participant acknowledges that he has read, understood and fully accept the terms of this Agreement and the rules of the game and other official documents.

6.4  Refund Policy/Return

Photolike creates an environment in which participants get a honest and good chance of winning different amounts. Whereby participants get the possibilty to participate in different contests containing different amounts.

However, the contests are based on collecting maximum likes to climb to the top, whereby it is expected for the participant himself to do so and it is up to the participant to use his chances fully, therefor Photolike is in no way responsible or obligated to any sort of refund/return.

6.5 Privacy Policy

The information collected by Photolike is only used for the purposes of this web site only. Registered users may receive additional announcements from us about site news, events, private messages, uploaded photos, blog posts, and web site updates.

In none of the cases will Photolike share its users information with third party. We may also provide you with content suggestions as well as commercial opportunities based on your on-site behavior observed through cookies.

We do offer links to other web sites. Please note: When you click on links to other web sites, we encourage you to read their privacy policies. Their standards may differ from ours.

Because our web site also offers user-submitted posts and comments, please be advised that information posted in these venues becomes public knowledge with the submittal of any information or images contained therein.

We reserve the right to update our web site privacy policy without notice. We reserve the right to remove user-submitted information or images without user consent or notice. We also reserve the right to add or remove site features without notice.


In these rules, we use the concept of "cookies" to designate cookies and other similar technologies, such as pixel tags, web beacons, transparent GIFs, provided by the European Union directive on the preservation of information secrecy in the electronic transmission of information.

6.7 Copyright complaints

Photolike respects the intellectual property rights of others. It is our policy to respond

promptly on claim that Content posted on the Site infringes the copyright or other intellectual

property infringement (“Infringement”) of any person.

Photolike will use reasonable efforts to investigate notices of alleged Infringement and will

take appropriate action under applicable intellectual property law and these Terms where it

believes an Infringement has taken place, including removing or disabling access to the

Content claimed to be infringing and/or terminating accounts and access to the Site.

To notify Photolike of a possible Infringement you must submit your notice in writing to the

attention of “Copyright Infringement” care of [email protected] and include in your notice

a detailed description of the alleged Infringement sufficient to enable us to make a reasonable

Please note that you may be held accountable for damages (including costs

and attorneys’ fees) for misrepresenting that any Content is infringing your copyright.

If we remove or disable access to Content in response to a notice of Infringement, we will

make reasonable attempts to contact the user who posted the affected Content. 
If you feel

that your Content is not infringing, you may provide Photolike with a counter notice in

writing to the attention of “Copyright Infringement Counter Notification” [email protected] 

You must include in your counter notice sufficient information to enable us to make a

reasonable determination. Please note that you may be held accountable for damages

(including costs and attorneys' fees) if you materially misrepresent that your Content is not

infringing the copyrights of others.

If you are uncertain whether an activity constitutes Infringement, we recommended seeking

advice of an attorney.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Notification of Alleged Copyright Infringement

Photolike reserves the right to remove any Visual Content or Communications that allegedly

infringes another person’s copyright. Photolike will terminate, in appropriate circumstances,

Users who repeat infringers of another person’s copyright. 
Notices to Photolike regarding

any alleged copyright infringement should be directed to Photolike via email at:

[email protected] 

Filing a DMCA Notice to Remove Copyright-Protected Content

If you believe in good faith that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright

infringement, please provide us with a written notice containing the following information:

• Your name, address, telephone number, and email address (if any);

• A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed;

• A description of where on the Website the material that you claim is infringing may be

found, sufficient for PHotolike to locate the material (e.g., the URL);

• A statement that you have a good faith belief that the use of the copyrighted work is

not authorized by the copyright Photolike, its agent, or the law and is not a fair use;

• A statement by you UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that the information in your

notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright

owner's behalf; and

• Your electronic or physical signature.